Waitlist Management for Restaurants

Restaurant Waiting List and Mobile Guest Wait List
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Restaurant Pager System

Guests do not enjoy their experience with restaurant pagers. iPads have enabled the rise of the digital wait list that is proven to seat more guests and decrease costs.
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How It Works

See how Guest Manager's products work together to improve front-of-house operations while providing guests with a new, improved in-store experience.
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Why Guest Manager?

We understand the unique needs of the restaurant industry. See why restaurants are choosing Guest Manager as their guest management solution.
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Wait List Management App

Digital guest lists have been making their way into more and more restaurants. Guests enjoy the convenience and operators can act on the additional data collected.
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Case Study

Learn how Guest Manager’s wait list hosting system is proven to boost your guest experience, operations, and marketing objectives.
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"Guest Manager is revolutionary; it's the future for restaurateurs. It's fun and exciting for our guests and our staff loves it. Guest Manager is chic, sleek, puts us directly in touch with our guests and also puts our restaurant promotions into our own hands, as opposed to being dictated by someone else."
— Abigail Doyle, Managing Partner, Dinosaur BBQ
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