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ControlCenter: Launch in 5. 4. 3. 2…

After completing our beta, we are now just a couple weeks away from a major milestone in BuzzTable’s company timeline: the launch of our industry-leading merchant dashboard, ControlCenter.  This product will allow our restaurant partners to view unprecedented information to improve in-store operations and analyze and activate customer data for marketing and retention purposes. We’ve had analytics since we launched our WaitList almost two years ago, but this dashboard blows everything else out of the water. Here are a few of the key features:

Real-Time Private Feedback. Our Guest Engagement app does a lot, but perhaps one of the the most valuable pieces of information collected from the mobile application is private, real-time customer feedback. We’re not talking anonymous feedback, we’re talking 1-to-1 communication attached to a guest’s name, e-mail, and telephone number – all of which is accessible in an instant. If a customer has a negative experience, find out about it the second it happens and then respond while the customer is still on-premise or just a few blocks away. Think of this as a “safety net” before that customer goes online and blasts their experience across the web.

Create-Your-Own-WaitList. Restaurants now have complete control over their guest’s in-store waiting experience… create-your-own text messages on-the-fly or modify the WaitList interface with custom “status” colors and labels, giving you the ability to mark when guests are VIPs, request outdoor seating, call-ahead or whatever else suits the needs of your specific venue.

WaitList Analytics. Did you know that across all of our restaurants, hosts are quoting an average of 16 minutes OVER the actual wait time? Restaurants can now look at the dashboard to see which host(s) are accurate (and those that are way off). We are also using this historical data to do some very cool things… keep an eye out for our Predictive Wait Time feature coming out soon, so BuzzTable will be able to help the front door run smoother than ever.

Marketing & Marketing Insights. Launch a number of different rewards designed to collect data, drive incremental visits and/or increase average party size.  Operators can now also look at guest demographics across regional groups or down to individual units, measure frequency of guest visits, average party size, and more. Create marketing campaigns and send messages on a one-to-one basis (this is much more targeted and customizable [higher ROI] when compared to traditional marketing [television, radio, and print]). As I’m sure you know, 23-year-old Jill has VERY different preferences than 48-year-old Jim. Now you can use BuzzTable to create one-of-a-kind, personal offers, which are more likely to be activated. We know it’s all about getting “butts in seats” in a cost-effective manner, so our system is always engineered with that at the top of mind. 

Keep an eye out in the coming weeks as we release ControlCenter to all of the restaurants across our platform.

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