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Guest Manager helps restaurants, like yours, streamline operations, increase efficiency and reduce operational costs.

Developed by former restaurateurs and technologists from Microsoft, our iPad-based paging system replaces the traditional restaurant pager created back in 1993.

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Let customers know their table's ready without disturbing others. Turn tables faster and deliver a better experience.
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Cost Benefit

Our system delivers 4x the value at half the cost of the traditional restaurant paging system.
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Our system is fast, reliable, and easy to learn. See how we delivered immediate results at one of our restaurants.
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Why use a tablet-based paging system?


Front-of-house operations is one of the most important elements of a restaurant. Creating a more enjoyable guest experience and optimizing wait list operations is a relatively easy way to add thousands to your bottom line.

Guest Manager has been designed by hospitality veterans to identify, engage and retain more of your waiting guests. Our customers have praised our wait list product’s simplicity and ease of use. We invite you to give us a try (for free) and move on from the old restaurant pagers.

Seat More Waiting Guests

With Guest Manager, guests are more likely to wait for a table when there are long waits because they are not restricted to a crowded restaurant area as they are with traditional restaurant pagers.

Guest Experience

As you may know, guests do not enjoy their experience with restaurant pagers. They are clunky, tacky, and often very dirty, which leads to an overall negative guest experience. The Guest Manager platform lets guests use their own cell phones as restaurant notification devices.

In addition, Guest Manager keeps them engaged while they wait with a visual menu, their wait list progress, and the ability to post to restaurant Facebook pages. Guests can also enroll in email lists and loyalty programs directly from their phone while they wait.

Data Collection & Missed Opportunities

Restaurant pagers are a huge missed opportunity to collect valuable customer data. The restaurant wait time has proven to be a great time to enroll guests into restaurant marketing programs and identify customers. With the rise of the smartphones and the mobile app revolution guests are willing to opt-in to restaurant email lists, loyalty programs and other promotions.

Guest Manager has been able to convert over 26% of waiting guests into restaurant loyalty programs with our proprietary WaitList+ platform.

How Our Pager System Works -- No Buzzers Required!

Host enters guest's phone number. Guest receives text message confirmation
(works on all phones that can receive text messages).

host using wait list, a system to replace restaurant pagers. Guest prompted to download Guest Manager App for Guests. This establishes a digital communication line.
guest downloads ipad wait list app and information populated in wait list Guest can get exciting about new or featured menu items, and see their progress on the wait list.
guest can view wait list progress and popular food photos When the table is ready, host hits a button and another text message (or call) is sent to the guest.
host notifies guest that table is ready within wait list management system

"The WaitList+ system allows our hosts to spend less time managing the wait list and more time greeting and servicing our guests. We have also been able to create new baselines, which we use to measure host performance and improve our operations." — George Itoh, Director of Operations, Ippudo
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