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Guest Manager helps restaurants, like yours, streamline operations, increase efficiency and reduce operational costs.

Developed by former restaurateurs and technologists from Microsoft, our iPad wait list app replaces the traditional restaurant pager or pen and paper.

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How It Works

Host enters guest's phone number. Guest receives text message confirmation.
host using wait list, a system to replace restaurant pagers. Guest prompted to download Guest Manager App for Guests. This establishes a digital communication line.
guest downloads ipad wait list app and information populated in wait list Guest can get exciting about new or featured menu items, and see their progress on the wait list.
guest can view wait list progress and popular food photos When the table is ready, host hits a button and another text message (or call) is sent to the guest.
host notifies guest that table is ready within wait list management system

Why use a tablet-based wait list app?

Restaurant wait lists can be unorganized and are often frustrating to guests. A guest is expected to constantly check back with the hostess if using the conventional pen and paper or waiting no more than 100 feet away from the buzzer station with a clunky restaurant pager.

The front-of-house is one of the most important elements of a restaurant. This is usually the first and last time you have a chance to interact and engage with the guest. A recent study found that guests who were acknowledged by the host while waiting had a more enjoyable dining experience than those that did not.

The Guest Manager platform lets guests use their own cell phones as restaurant notification devices. In addition, BuzzTable keeps them engaged while they wait with a visual menu, their wait list progress, and the ability to post to restaurant Facebook pages. Guests can also enroll in email lists and loyalty programs directly from their phone while they wait.

"The WaitList+ system allows our hosts to spend less time managing the wait list and more time greeting and servicing our guests. We have also been able to create new baselines, which we use to measure host performance and improve our operations." — George Itoh, Director of Operations, Ippudo
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